Manali’s weather in the next 15 days

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Manali weather

Manali should experience a range of fantastic to mild temperatures over the next 15 days, with the chance of some precipitation. While the highs could get as high as the low 30s, the average temperature will likely stay in the mid-10s Celsius.

Manali’s weather is changing Drastically, According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), heavy rain is falling in various locations throughout the capital city and surrounding areas. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast that these high-intensity showers will continue over Himachal Pradesh in the next few days, with isolated thunderstorms and light to moderate rain expected in Manali and its surrounding areas. 

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The Chandigarh-Manali and Shimla-Kinnaur routes have been blocked in Himachal Pradesh due to floods and landslides from heavy rainfall. Additionally, due to heavy rain, Himachal Pradesh is on a red alert for seven districts and an orange alert for three sections for the following 48 hours.

In this blog post, we aim to update the weather in the next 15 days and inform our readers of the situation in Manali. Locals or tourists in Manali face terrifying conditions because of the rains and landslides. 

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Himachal faces landslides in various cities. 

In many locations throughout the state, heavy rains have caused landslides and blocked highways and connecting roads.

A representative from the Met Office says that moderate to heavy rain with thundershowers is likely to continue in Bilaspur, Solan, Shimla, Sirmaur, Una, Hamirpur, Mandi, and Kullu districts.

Additionally, numerous videos are spreading online. The damage caused by the constant rain in Himachal Pradesh is evident in these videos of bridges collapsing and cars floating like paper boats. 

Here is one more video clip from Manali, which shows the parked car of a tourist drowning in the river in the blink of an eye. Moreover, some buses and numerous trucks collide with residential areas, and the damage they could cause is unimaginable. 

As the rain continues in the mountainous state, the government has warned citizens to stay indoors in preparation for more rain. The flooding happened because of 72 hours of nonstop rain, which has claimed 14 lives.

Government of Himachal Warns Locals and Tourists

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu urged state residents to remain inside for 24 hours and cooperate with authorities. Terrifying pictures and videos of flooding and landslides from heavy rain in Himachal Pradesh are available online.

According to reports, the constant rain is causing damage and will lead to landslides and flash floods in the coming days. Sukhu also asked the populace to stay inside and follow local government instructions.

Those who need help can call 1100, 1070, or 1077. Additionally, Chief Sukhvinder Singh Sukku asked that people call government emergency hotlines. As far as records are available, 14 people have died, so try to stay home if you can.

Heavy Rainfall Destroys Himachal Property

Manali weather in next 15 days

In Manali, property worth millions of rupees was damaged in Himachal Pradesh due to severe flooding and landslides brought on by 35 hours of heavy rain. Due to the heavy rain, more than 800 roads, including six national highways, have been closed throughout the state. The Beas River’s swift current in the Mandi district washed away the famous Aut Bridge, which connects Kullu, Banjar, Luhri, and Rampur.

The Larji hydroelectric project also suffered significant damage. The project’s power supply has been momentarily cut off as a preventative measure, which has caused a blackout. The Mandi, Kullu, Lahaul, and Spiti districts have been severely impacted by 13 landslides and nine flash floods in the last 36 hours, according to the state emergency operation center. 

Administrators have opened the overflow water gates at Pandoh Dam to release extra water, significantly raising the Beas River’s water level above the danger line. District Magistrate Arindam Chaudhuri presided over a meeting with representatives from the Mandi District Disaster Management Authority to discuss the situation.

The Mandi, Aut, and Pandoh intersections on the Chandigarh-Manali highway are all closed. Additionally, the Shimla-Kinnaur road is closed in several locations, including those adjacent to Rampur, Reckong Peo, and Sangla. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation’s 876 bus routes have been impacted, and 403 buses are stranded in various locations.

According to the police, food and necessary medications have been arranged, and everyone is safe. The police and army rescue people as soon as the roads are fixed.

Himachal Pradesh received more rainfall this monsoon season than usual (69%).

Manali’s Upcoming Weather Forecast of 15 Days 

We advise you to reschedule your trip if you are considering visiting Manali in the near future. As mentioned, the details regarding the monsoon situation and government guidance are discussed above. This section will inform you of the Manali weather forecast for the next 15 days. 

Date RainHighLow
11-July-2023Mostly cloudy and heavy rainfall19°10°
12 -July-2023Raining 22°11°
13  July 2023Most cloudly23°11°
14 -July-2023Pleasant during sunny and cloudy periods24°13°
15-July-2023Partly sunny with a couple of hours of showers in the afternoon24°20°
16 -July-2023Estimated afternoon rainfall, along with clouds, sun, and clouds 27°21°
17-July-2023Mostly cloudy with a high likelihood of rain26°22°
18-July-2023Overall, it was cloudy with afternoon rain. 27°21°
19-July-2023Mostly cloudy; there will be scattered morning and afternoon rain showers.26°22°
20-July-2023Rain all-day26°23°
21-July-2023Occasionally rain 27°22°
22-July-2023Occasionally rain26°23°
23-July-2023Cloudy with a light morning downpour and a spotty afternoon shower.25°18°
24-July-2023Cloudy with a light morning downpour and a spotty afternoon shower.24°18°
25-July-2023Periods of rains  24°18°

Here is some advice for tourists:

  • Travel to Himachal Pradesh should be avoided until the roads are repaired.
  • Check the condition of the streets before you travel if you are already in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Keep calm and wait for help to arrive if stuck on the road.

What is the upcoming weather in Manali?

Rain. Low 10ºC. Winds NNE and variables 100% chance of rain

Is it good to travel to Manali in the upcoming week? 

No, it is not a good idea to travel to Manali or any area of Himachal Pradesh in the following days. The government also warned people to stay at your place. It is advisable to postpone your plans and stay safe in light of the heavy rainfall in the region.

In Which Months do we need to avoid visiting Manali?

You should not visit or travel to Manali, Himachal Pradesh, in July and August. These monsoon months can be extremely unpredictable and frequently result in torrential rain and landslides. Despite this, it is also true that there are fewer visitors during this time of year, which lowers hotel rates. 

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